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About us


Founded in 2020, Get Down – Dancers Management is an artistic projects management agency, specialized in the field of hip hop dances – street-dances*, in the wide meaning.

Based in Brussels, the agency provides its services in Belgium and abroad.

The Get Down team brings its skills, knowledge and tools in management, distribution, touring, production and promotion / press relations.


  • Encourage the support, development, promotion and professionalization of Belgian talent, specifically in street-dance.
  • Promote the pool of artists and talents that exist in Belgium
  • Promote the dissemination and production of artistic projects
  • Develop cultural synergies
  • Bringing about change in the Belgian dance and culture sector
  • Popularize hip hop and street-dances with the general public and culture lovers in order to reach a wide audience not limited only to players in the sector


As much in its artistic collaborations, partnerships and choice of projects, Get Down – Dancers Management aims to guarantee a creative, human, ethical and transparent approach. In all its projects, Get Down seeks to ensure that the values of openness, tolerance, inclusiveness and multiplicity of representations are taken into account as much as possible. Discover our statement of values by clicking here.

*Street Dances?

By “street-dances”, we mean dance styles that were not created in the studio but developed outdoors, in the streets or in nightclubs. Hip-hop and breakdance are the two main styles, but today, street-dances are much broader. Other styles have emerged such as krump, house, popping, locking, dancehall, afro house, ragga, voguing, waacking, heels, …

When talent, authenticity and passion meet

Camille Philippot
Founder & CEO
Camille Philippot

Amanthe Bazas
Projects and Production Officer
Amanthe Bazas

Léa Devaux
Léa Devaux

Sorelle Ndengoue
Sorelle Ndengoue


La Boutique de la Gestion (Social secretary)
L’L Gestion (Accounting)


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