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Thanks to targeted and tailor-made services, adapted to the expectations, needs and objectives of the projects, Get Down – Dancers Management aims to guarantee the expertise and quality of its services, in a caring and creative framework, for each artist and partner.

Involved and solution-oriented, the Get Down team offers its skills, knowledge and tools in management, distribution, tour management, production and promotion / press relations.


  • Strategic coaching: organizational and administrative support for artistic projects, consulting, development, …
  • Management and coordination of artistic careers
  • Follow-up of ongoing projects


  • Development and implementation of distribution strategies
  • National and international prospecting
  • Relations and follow-up with programmers
  • Negotiation and administrative follow-up ( contracts, copyrights, …)
  • Organization of try-outs, work in progress


  • Support for national and international tours 
  • Logistical organization; production and administration
  • Liaison between the host venue and the artistic teams


  • Administrative management / delegated production of projects (depending on the possibilities within the Get Down team)
  • Production support: strategy, logistics, planning, grants redaction and coordination (depending on the possibilities within the Get Down team)
  • Prospecting for co-producers, residencies, partners


  • Communication and press relations consulting
  • Promotion: elaboration and execution of communication strategies and plans
  • Press relations: development and implementation of strategies and action plans (press releases and files, organizing interviews, …)

We provide tailor-made solutions

Don't just take our word for it... Read reviews from our artists and partners

Discover the experiences and thoughts of the various artists, projects and collaborations of Get Down

"Now creation is no longer just for the stages, it is also for the street, for events, everything is changing today and Get Down can help us do all that"

— Milan Emmanuel - Cie No Way Back

"I joined the Get Down Family because I appreciate the way she works with artists, her vision"

— Briana Ashley Stuart

"Camille does a very good job for everything related to press relations, we had some very nice publications"

— Milan Emmanuel - Detours Festival

"My project by working with the agency is to be able to carry my artistic work beyond the borders of Belgium, our cultural limitations"

— Nadine Baboy

"We use dance to transmit a message, to transmit emotions (...) we try to instill in young people the values of work and structure. With Get Down we bring this professionalism"

— The Revolutionary

"Get Down is a family agency which really takes into consideration what each artist wants for his.her career giving all needed advice”

— Justine Theizen

“Get Down in 3 words ? Family, fun and determination”

— Justine Theizen

“Get Down helps me in going further. There is a whole dimension of diffusion and prospection I do not master. Having that collaboration helps in focusing on my expertise which is creating, being an artist”

— Nadine Baboy