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Cie I Am Woman – Elena Gambardella

Graduated from the Modulo Factory Academy in Milan in different styles, Elena Gambardella is an Italian dancer, choreographer and model. Passionate about “heels style”, she travels the world thanks to her artistic vocation, from Los Angeles to New York, via Europe. Her mantra? Be yourself, boost your confidence and love yourself as you are!

In 2019, Elena Gambardella founded her company I am Woman Company, which is the first dance company on heels in Belgium. Along with her company, she also created the first Heels & Confidence training, in dancing on heels. In 2020, she created her own online store, I Am Woman Shop. She created this clothing line for all those queens with quotes about self-love, being yourself, and about confidence.

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Presentation File Elena Gambardella


« There is only one you »

As March 8 approaches, International Women’s Day, Kaly Ora and Get Down are teaming up to celebrate for a few days the strong, unique and powerful woman who vibrates in anyone who identifies as a woman.

The “There’s only one you” campaign was born from the meeting between Flore, co-founder of the European loungewear brand Kaly Ora, and Camille, founder of the agency for dancers Get Down – Dancers Management, two entrepreneurs from Brussels with common values.

With the desire to contribute to building a world of openness, a space of freedom and trust for all, the two structures join forces and transmit their message and values in motion, through the universal language of dance. An impactful and unusual collaboration.

For this “There’s only one you” campaign, five dancers from the I Am Woman Company, by the choreographer Elena Gambardella – accompanied by the agency Get Down, share their strength, elegance and uniqueness through a video and testimonials, adorned with their ethical and sustainable loungewear outfits from the Kaly Ora brand.


Talon d'Achille
Talon d'Achille

This creation by the choreographer and dancer Elena Gambardella is a call to self-love. Taking her personal and professional experience as a starting point, Elena Gambardella wishes to transmit the key to peace and happiness. She uses her own story, the difficulties she may have encountered both on a personal level and in her career as an artist, in order to help others in their search for self-love. The past becomes a force. Working on your mindset is life-changing and empowers anyone to be the beautiful person they are today. The creation aims to address themes such as the physical, women, cultural discrimination and sexualities, not from the point of view of our society, but as the choreographer perceives them, in order to help others be free and feel good about themselves. Today’s society instills standards of beauty and perfection in us. Elena Gambardella reverses the trend: imperfection is beauty! The false reality we live in manipulates us too easily.


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