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Yipoon Chiem

Multidisciplinary Belgian artist of Cambodian origin, Yipoon Chiem is a choreographer and performer, inspired by the practice of martial arts (Kung Fu), classical Khmer dance and hip-hop dance, in particular breakdance, which she has been practicing since 1998. Award-winning artist in competitions, she has created a unique style in the world of Belgian urban dance, and also works for Belgian and international musicians and choreographers.

B****, her latest opus where hip-hop, Cambodian temple dance, Japanese culture and martial arts mingle, is a quest for the sources of anger, to better exorcise it, or catalyze its energy. Yipoon dances, performs and speaks, taking care of her anger, that of a woman, aware of her experiences, of the roles that have been given to her in turn.

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B**** (pronounced BITCH) is a solo that invites the public to visit the shadow parts of the character embodied on stage, it is an intimate moment, a sharing of dark points in the life of a young woman, mother, facing her own difficult times. Yipoon Chiem feels the need to share her story which seems to resonate with stories of everyone, the solo questions her place as a woman, a political refugee, a mother, a wounded child, in a community where appearance is important, where the right to be yourself is censured by the mere fact of being a woman. This brings her back to the question of the foundations in society in relation to the perception of women. There are different archetypes of the Woman, the loss of feminine identity was the starting point. The solo is an introspective of her life, an observation of her moods, expressing herself as a dancer and choreographer.


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