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Hendrickx Ntela

Dancer and choreographer from Liège of Congolese origin, Hendrickx Ntela practices several styles of urban dance: Hip Hop, Krump, Dance hall, Kuduro, AfroHouse etc… She works as a freestyle dancer, choreographer and teacher within of the 100% female One Nation collective. For example, she has worked with Brahim Rachiki or Grichka, a true pioneer of Krump in France and was a finalist at the Krump World Championship in Germany in 2014. She has taken part in numerous Belgian and foreign cultural projects in the field of urban dances. She is the founder of the Drickx Konzi collective, members of Ruthless Collective, a 100% versatile female group and of Gully Fusion, an international female krump group.

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Presentation File Hendrickx Ntela

Documentary about its creation: “Mille% le krump en création”

Produced by Lezarts Urbains’ Centre de Doc’, Mille% was shot entirely on IPhone. This short film directed by Catherine Wielant (director of Mauvaises Herbes) plunges into the heart of the creation of BLIND, a 100% krump show choreographed by Hendrickx Ntela and Dexter Pierre Belleka. The documentary accompanies the team in their research and process, following the residencies leading up to the creation of the show. Mille% bears witness to their work, their complicity and, above all, their love of krump.

Running time: 20 minutes Director and cameraman: Catherine Wielant Image editing: Mélisse Cottard Sound mixing: Malika El Barkani Choreography: Hendrickx Ntela, Pierre-Claver Belleka (Dexter) Dancers: Hendrickx Ntela, Israël Ngashi (Wild), Pierre-Claver Belleka (Dexter), Tony Ndoumba (NoScript), Arias Fernandez (Joker) and Luka Austin (Sniper). Music: Morf, Joshua Twambi, Jeanel Ambrosio, Thierry Massenba



Blind puts five krumpers from Belgium, Spain, France and Senegal in a situation facing the same story in different places around the world.


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