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Justine Theizen

Justine Theizen is a dancer trained, at first, in Hip Hop. She begins by performing with the Brussels collective Ronin. Subsequently, she forms into Krump. In 2018, Justine Theizen decides to open up to the world of creation. She participated in the training Groundwork and 1000 pièces puzzle, which allows her to train in storytelling and Hip Hop Theater with Cindy Claes.

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Presentation File Justine Theizen



“This piece aims to question the spectator on a homosexual relationship. It’s about showing, exposing a romantic relationship between two women. Tell a personal story, the evolution of it. My objective as a choreographer is to represent the LGBTQIA+ community, which is mine. All this in the world of Hip Hop, which is today still very reserved on this subject and even on the sexuality in general. The central theme of this piece is love, passion, evolution and bodies.”

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Battle 'All About Love'
Battle 'All About Love'

Hip Hop and queer dancer, Justine Theizen, artist accompanied by Get Down, has always wanted to bring together hip hop and queer dance communities…Thus was born the All Style ‘All About Love’ Battle. Her goal is to propose a so-called “safer” space which highlights and offers visibility to queer dancers in a hip hop event format : the battle.

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