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“Sisterhood gives the possibility of meeting between conscious women who want to deepen their cultural and spiritual knowledge through dance, going back to our African roots to understand the movements of our ancestors without stripping them of their meaning.” – Betina Kashiama

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“Unmuted” is the result of many observations: women’s voices are often covered; suppressed black voices; muffled black women’s voices. “Unmuted” refers to a soft, deep voice or sound, a muzzled emotion. Today we want to show that our voices are neither low nor muffled, that we refuse to endure this cycle of suppressed emotions. We take off our masks, we are finally Unmuted. For a very long time, and still today, the Black body has been dehumanized and objectified, for pleasure, for entertainment, for work… Today, we are reclaiming our bodies, our rich Afro-Caribbean cultures. “Unmuted” is the impression of a path traveled by young Afro-descendant black women who register their approaches in a desire to deconstruct assigned identities and associate the movement of the body with a reflection rooted in decoloniality. The Sisterhood collective invites you to join them on this journey, challenging your own gaze and questioning your position.


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