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Moving Meditations – Briana Ashley Stuart – KVS BOX

Briana Ashley Stuart, artist, dancer, choreographer, teacher and international entrepreneur, will present on March 25 at KVS her premiere of ‘Moving Meditations’, co-produced by KVS and Citylab. 

Moving Meditations is a multidisciplinary creation about healing, an independent and collective process of alchemy that arises from experiences. Through disciplines including contemporary dance, stepping and singing, choreographer Briana Ashley Stuart examines the importance of movement and sound as fundamental elements of human expression.

From clapping our hands in enthusiasm to groaning or screaming when we are in pain or suffering: sound and movement have always played an important part in how we connect, express ourselves and understand each other. Through time, these individual expressions evolved into codes. Collective forms and rituals arose between groups, and for individuals they became introspective experiences that helped put things into perspective.

Moving Meditations is a reminder of the countless things that connect us and of the value of our voice and body for channeling, feeling, and letting go.

25/03/2023 - 20:30


7 Quai aux Pierres de Taille
B-1000 Bruxelles