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Get Down : A movement that promotes creativity and inclusion

Get Down : A movement that promotes creativity and inclusion

Both in its artistic collaborations, partnerships and choice of projects, Get Down – Dancers Management wishes to guarantee a creative, human, ethical and transparent approach. In all of its projects, Get Down wishes, as best as possible, to pay particular attention to the values of openness, tolerance, inclusiveness and multiplicity of representations.

The first edition of Rendez-Vous Get Down organized on February 10 and 11, 2023 is an ideal example of our values shared with our partners and artists. With a 100% female and multidisciplinary program, the goal was to address the widest possible audience in order to make visible the choreographic creations and personalities of our artists with common values with singular messages to broadcast, without stigmatizing them or making them fall into specific categories.

BLIND by Hendrickx Ntela with the Konzi company or Azad by Lila Magnin, two artists followed by Get Down, are two creations that bring freedom to the fore, where dance allows you to express yourself honestly and freely. Through these performances, our artists can affirm their causes, stories and emotions with their different styles while being accompanied and supported by Get Down.

This question of freedom in the creations of our artists is often linked to the themes of identity, authenticity and the exploration of the body. We can find this in the universe of Nadine Baboy where “dance speaks and speech becomes movement”. Through stepping, contemporary dance and singing, Briana Ashley Stuart explores the importance of movement and sound as an essential element of human expression, where movement plays an important role in the way we establish connections, to express ourselves and to understand us. For the Les Corpeaurelles company, their identities are also addressed during their creations, based on their different cultures and origins.

Femininity is also at the heart of questions from artists. Indeed, Elena Gambardella, founder of the I Am Woman company, with her creation Talon d’Achille, represents a call to self-love. Through her creation Armonia, Viola Chiarini pays a tribute to women and uses vulnerability as the main theme while drawing inspiration from the ancient healing rite “Tarantismo” (very old traditional Italian rite). In addition, B**** by Yipoon Chiem is a quest for the sources of anger, that of a woman, aware of her experiences, to better exorcise it, or catalyze its energy.

Justine Theizen was also able to organize the All Style Battle ‘All About Love’ – Queer Edition during this event and thus fits perfectly into what we want to share. Indeed, this battle aims to offer a so-called “safer” space, inclusive and which highlights and offers visibility to queer dancers.

With Get Down, its support and its events, artists can express themselves freely through different themes that are ultimately closely linked. This is how these two days were filled with kindness and tolerance for the artists, spectators and participants, wishing to repeat the experience in order to establish these values.

Transparency, ethics, authenticity, human, professionalism and creativity are therefore obvious terms for us within our values.